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Wi-Fi areas and hotspots

We are specialized in the installation and creation of professional Wi-Fi networks for inside and outside. We provide preventive maintenance service, control, remote management, optimization and prioritization of traffic according to classifiers, and problem solving. We offer the possibility of creating free sponsored access or payment access modes via credit card or prepayment to generate income with selling the service.

Dedicated Links

Recommended for medium to big companies that require high-quality internet connection to connect computer networks, servers and/or implement email or web services. Exclusive internet access in which the bandwidth is not shared with other users, but rather it connects the client directly to one of our nodes spread out through the Balearic Islands.

Guaranteed Output

Service thought about for all touristic companies or establishments whose volume of data and traffic is high. It provides a permanent connection to the network with a totally dedicated output, which can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on the needs of the company.

Fixed IP

Allows the user to mount web servers, email, FTP, online applications, VoIP services, VPN, payment gateways, etc., and manage a domain name to this IP without having to keep the DNS server updated every time they change the IP address like what happens with public IP addresses.


Allows you to create a secure connection to another network via the internet. When you connect any device to a VPN, this acts like it was on the same network as the VPN has and all the data traffic is sent safely through the VPN.

Net-Lan Solutions

These provide the connection capacities necessary between the headquarters of a company to create an Intranet. It allows you to have all the headquarters and/or delegations connected with company locations that are geographically dispersed, in a way that they can share all the resources displayed in each of them.

Wholesale IP Transit

IB-RED has an infrastructure and a technical telecommunications team trained to deploy specific data networks that provide capacities over 200 MB in practically any place on the Balearic Islands. We are specialized in high-capacity internet access and we have agreements with partners and manufacturers of well-known prestige (Abertis Telecom, Multimedia, Islalink, Huawei, Cambium, Cergaom, etc.)

Automatic backup

In the case of a failure of a gateway or operator, our backup system automatically takes all the traffic through another ISP and sends a message to the head of the network informing them about the failure. Once the system is reestablished, its configuration is restored.

IP security cameras

IB-RED, in collaboration with multiple companies specialized in installing IP security cameras, offers a joint solution in carrying out tasks in remote monitoring, remote sensing or remote interventions live, using wireless systems.