Wireless Wi-Fi router

Ideal to support high levels of bandwidth consumption or applications that require a low latency such as streaming videos, online games and calls.

Professional wireless Wi-Fi router

Wireless new-generation access point with greater processing power.

Wi-Fi coverage extenders

Amplify your wireless signal to areas it didn’t reach before or where it is difficult to put cables.

Desktop Switch TP-Link

Desktop switch with 5 ports at 10/100 Mbps allowing you to easily extend your cable network.

Omnidirectional antenna

Allows you to extend your Wi-Fi router signal. Includes a 130 cm extension cord that allows for flexible location and greater renderings.


Extends your coverage simply within the home, taking advantage of the existing electric cables.

VoIP Telephone

Basic VoIP telephone for individuals and SMEs.

VoIP Converter

Allows you to connect analogue telephones to VoIP telephones. Allows two independent numbers using two telephone ports.