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Internet in Mallorca

We take the Internet where others do not

We have the most extensive fixed Internet coverage for homes in Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

This means you can now navigate the Internet on the Balearic Islands at high speed, with no download limit and a stable connection wherever you live. We specialise in rural and isolated areas.

7 Megas
Sign up + Installation 49€
Sign up + Installation conditions
  • Home call-out.
  • Internet wire to inside the property (up to 25 metres).
  • Engineers' time (up to two and a half hours).
  • Set up the Wi-Fi router

7MB Download
2MB Upload

20 Megas
Sign up + Installation 49€
Sign up + Installation conditions
  • Home call-out.
  • Internet wire to inside the property (up to 25 metres).
  • Engineers' time (up to two and a half hours).
  • Set up the Wi-Fi router

20MB Download
2MB Upload

30 Megas
Sign up + Installation 49€
Sign up + Installation conditions
  • Home call-out.
  • Internet wire to inside the property (up to 25 metres).
  • Engineers' time (up to two and a half hours).
  • Set up the Wi-Fi router

30MB Download
4MB Upload


We are happy to help you.



    Internet in Majorca by wireless signal!

    In 2007 we started to roll out our own network in Majorca, offering Internet access to properties located outside of large built-up areas. Today, it covers 90% of the Balearic Islands.

    Rural areas and residential complexes away from built-up areas lacked fast, stable Internet connections until the WiMAX Internet network was deployed.

    Thanks to this wireless technology, we can take broadband and telephony services to areas not covered by fibre optic networks, for access to all the options currently available over the Internet.

    Having our own network managed entirely by ib-red allows us to offer a locally based service.

    You can call a local 971 number if you have any technical or administration questions, where you will be attended to quickly and directly by a team of people living on the Balearic Islands.

    This means you do not waste your valuable time being passed between operators who do not know either your environment or your particular connection.

    As one of the 25 commitments in our customer care plan says: Hear a familiar voice.

    Why choose ib-red?

    We have 25 commitments to customer care, and they're all set out in writing.

    #1 Highly experienced, with 1000s of installations completed

    We have completed over 25,000 installations in homes on the islands since 2007. Count on our experience.


    #2 No surprises

    Straightforward information before you sign up. Simple pricing system in which VAT is ALWAYS included.Know exactly how much you are going to pay.


    #5 No obligation

    Take out what you need. We won't force you to take out a home phone.Don't pay for what you don't need.

    The largest fixed Internet coverage for households

    At ib-red we install high-speed, stable Internet connections covering over 90% of the Balearic Islands, including even the island of Cabrera.

    Tell us the exact location of your home on the coverage map, and we will look at your case and inform you of available Internet connections, without any obligation.

    Our small print is not so small

    We don’t think about concealing our service clauses. The most important ones are shown at the beginning in large print.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. ib-red technicians install a low-visual impact reception antenna on the roof of the house. This is a white box of a size similar to a piece of paper (24x20 cm).

    2. They introduce the wire coming out of the receiver inside the property.

    3. They connect the wire to a Wi-Fi router or directly to your computer.
    Yes. Our internet connections have a continuity period of 9 months, unless specified otherwise in the rate conditions.

    We don't offer a trial period. Having completed over 25,000 Internet connections around the Balearic Islands since 2007, we know the terrain and which are the areas where service can be guaranteed.

    If there is an adaptation period, we won't issue the first invoice until 5 days after installation, allowing you to check everything is working correctly.

    The 7 and 20 mega download products have 2 mega uploads. The 30-mega download product, on the other hand, has 4 mega uploads.

    There is an option to take out extra megas for 5 euros per month. Follow this link for further details on Internet connection uploads and downloads.

    No. It is not mandatory, however, we have this service for 1€ per month. Check conditions at www.ibred.es/en/landline/

    All routers are compatible with IB-RED, except for those from other operators that are intentionally encrypted to make them incompatible.

    Consult our technical team too see if you can use what you already have. If you don’t have a compatible router, we can install one and configure it for 35€ VAT included.

    We have a telephone helpline from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm and then 4 pm to 7 pm.

    And, according to the latest statistics, the average time to resolve incidents in homes is 24 hours. We’re always trying to reduce times.

    The helpline is a local 971 number, while the whole ib-red team lives on the Balearic Islands and therefore knows the region well.

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    If you do not have a Wi-Fi router, we will install and configure one for you.



    Having a landline is optional. With this option you can keep your current number or get a new one.


    Wide range of tariffs

    We won't force you to take out a mobile line with ib-net. Check our tariffs and compare.

    Set up your own tariff

    Choose the solution that best suits you