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Wifi extenders

Extend the high speed of your connection to all rooms or outdoor areas.

If your home has several floors, exterior areas or many rooms, it is possible that the internet connections do not arrive with the same intensity throughout the home. 

In these cases, and if you need to have the same wifi signal in all rooms or areas, there are several types of devices that allow this.

Installed and configured

WiFi extender via the power line. Eliminates zones without WiFi or weak signal.

Where there is a power outlet, there is a WiFi connection.



Installed and configured
Full coverage for large houses: Extends coverage to the entire house by locating the extension in the right place.
Customised solutions


Installed and configured

They are professional wifi set ups for holiday rentals, commercial premises, offices...

Ideal for large spaces and multiple devices connected at once.


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    Fibre optic

    Connections through our own network. Deployed, maintained and offered directly by ib-red.



    Special connections for rural or isolated areas, and small residential complexes outside of built-up areas.



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